10.12.2019  STATUS
Lausanne, Switzerland

“As a result of our first observation, we are convinced that this new cell type is a glial cell and we call it microglia due to the tiny size of their soma, which is considerably smaller than that of fibrous and protoplasmic astrocytes. Nonetheless, the subsequent assumption that microglia have a mesodermal origin inspired us also to name them mesoglia” (Río-Hortega, 1919)

With these words, Pio del Rio-Hortega described a new cell population in the brain and named them Microglia. It was 1919, exactly 100 years ago.

“100 Years of Microglia” is a Symposium, free of charge for all the participants, aimed at celebrating microglia through a series of plenary lectures. Prominent figures in the field have been invited to Lausanne on December 10th 2019, to pay homage to Pio del-Río Hortega, by giving master classes on selected microglial topics. See the Scientific Program of the event.

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