21.09 - 23.09.2020  STATUS
Genomic Stability and DNA Repair

This virtual conference seeks to connect emerging mechanisms of DNA repair and replication with genome stability. The significance and complexity of the DNA damage response cannot be understated, with a central role in reproduction, development, and genome evolution, as highlighted by the many human disease states that occur from genome instability stemming from DNA repair deficiency. The scientific program reflects the importance of classical processes such as DNA replication and homology directed DNA repair in genome integrity, while highlighting emerging aspects of the DNA damage response involving noncoding RNA, chromatin recognition and organization, and catastrophic rearrangements that emanate from mitosis. An additional area of innovation is the realization that genome stability influences human physiology through its signaling to metabolism, the immune system, hematopoietic stem cells, and developmental biology. We will emphasize the importance of fundamental DNA repair mechanisms to organismal biology in normal and pathophysiological states, including opportunities to exploit the DNA damage response for therapeutic gain and genome engineering. The scientific program encompasses two keynote speakers, eight plenary sessions and four workshops, that collectively, represent the most exciting aspects of the field and bring together a scientifically diverse group of international investigators to promulgate interdisciplinary areas of exploration.

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