05.10 - 07.10.2020  STATUS
Virtual - on line

Cellular plasticity, the ability to acquire new identities or adopt alternative fates, occurs in normal physiology and disease states. Researchers are just beginning to understand how plasticity contributes to homeostasis and regeneration in the setting of tissue injury. Alterations in cell fate can be harnessed to treat disease, but uncontrolled plasticity can destabilize cell commitment and contribute toward neoplasia. The cellular and molecular underpinnings of cellular plasticity provide insights into disease processes and enable new therapies. This virtual conference will explore the diverse mechanisms that underlie plasticity in different tissues and contexts. By bringing together leading scientists in stem cell, developmental, regenerative, and cancer biology through digital technologies, this interdisciplinary program will highlight common principles and unique features of cellular plasticity in different tissues and examine the therapeutic potential of this process. The conference represents a unique opportunity for researchers in diverse fields to visit evolving concepts in cellular plasticity and the molecular mechanisms and physiological consequences of altered adult cell identity in vivo. While the topic has been included marginally at other conferences (i.e., conferences on stem cell biology, regeneration, epigenetics, and cancer) only this Keystone Symposia conference, first held in 2019, has focused on cellular plasticity across mammalian tissues. This virtual conference will assemble speakers from diverse disciplines and organ systems to identify cross-cutting themes and provide a forum for investigators to explore common underlying mechanistic principles and therapeutic potential.

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