13.01 - 15.01.2021  STATUS
Miami, Florida

The Miami Winter Symposium 2021 is dedicated to Molecular Neuroscience: Focus on Sensory Disorders and includes:

- An international line-up of renowned speakers – selected to provide delegates with a unique opportunity to meet with and hear from representatives from leading research centers on basic research, translational issues and potential or actual clinical applications in sensory neuroscience.
- Award lectures by renowned leaders in sensory neuroscience research including: Christine Petit, James Hudspeth, Robert MacLaren, Anthony Movshon, Richard Axel, Robert Margolskee and David Julius.
- Focused sessions on the various senses: Hearing, vision, smell, taste and pain/itch/touch.
- The latest international research: Contributed ‘spotlight’ talks and poster sessions feature the latest research findings from around the world.
- Networking opportunities with key research teams from around the world: At the opening drinks reception, conference dinner and during the poster sessions.

Call for abstracts
Abstracts are invited on the following topics for presentation as posters alongside the oral program (some abstracts will be selected for oral presentation):

- Hearing
- Vision
- Smell
- Taste
- Pain/itch/touch

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