13.06 - 14.06.2019  STATUS

The Spanish meetings on Nucleic Acids and Nucleosides (RANN) are celebrated biannually since 1997.

Nucleic acids play many more functions than just being the carriers of the genetic code, and these roles are often linked to their capacity to adopt structures beyond the double helix. In addition, both DNA and RNA are targets for drug discovery, and are used as pharmacological agents themselves together with modified nucleosides. The aim of these meetings is to discuss the advances in the field of structure, function, recognition and applications of nucleic acids and nucleosides from different perspectives.

This year´s meeting will take place in a venue located at the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean city of Valencia, just in front of the historic Colón market, an example of early XX century Valencian Modernism architecture.

The Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology sponsors this meeting with 4 travel grants.

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