04.05 - 07.05.2021  STATUS
Virtual - on line

The Identity and Evolution of Cell Types- Virtual
Registration - 14 Apr 2021
Abstract - 10 Mar 2021

Symposium Overview
Cell types are the fundamental units of multicellular life, which have diversified during animal evolution. Single-cell genomics/transcriptomics technologies and new insights into the molecular mechanisms specifying cell type identity allow us to explore this process in unprecedented detail. Our second EMBO | EMBL Symposium on the identity and evolution of cell types will re-assemble the growing community of scientists pushing forward the limits of this exciting new field. Based on the very positive feedback on the first symposium, we will keep session topics such as the cell type tree of life, and genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of cell type differentiation in development. We have also identified exciting new areas in our rapidly growing field – such as molecular mechanisms of cell type origination in evolution; the evolutionary assembly of cellular modules; different aspects of neuronal identity; and sensory cell type diversification in vertebrates. For this meeting, we will also provide extended discussion time within and between sessions and organize a final discussion.

Session Topics
Molecular mechanisms of cell type origination in evolution
Molecular and systems biological mechanisms of cell type differentiation in development
Cell type tree of life
The evolutionary assembly of cellular modules
Neuronal identity: from genes to morphology and connectivity
Sensory cell type diversification in vertebrates

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